Stationary side drilling rig
BILDA stationary side drilling machine (rig) makes holes of 6, 8, 1O mm in diameter in the sides of facade panels of various materials - mainly natural stone. The machine is designed for productivity and ease of use. It is available in three different sizes: TMD-R1, TMD-R2, TMD-R3.
• Easy to operate without special technical training of the operator
• Lightweight, compact and easily transportable
• Holes are produced with precise and clean finish
• High performance generates fast return on initial investment
• Universal application for various types of facade panels
• Equipped with a water tank and a compact pump forming a closed circulating system, which removes the need for constant water supply
• Integral water system cooling the drill bits and reducing dust production
• Easy maintenance and mobility
• Solid and robust frame made from corrosion resistant aluminium alloys and stainless steel
• Multi-directional table rollers for smooth rotation of panels
• Highly efficient fast drilling diamond drill bits
• Horizontal and vertical adjustment of the drilling heads, accommodate varying thickness of all types of panels
• Limitation wheels and guide  rollers
• Brushed and brushless electric motors available
• Easily convertible into milling rig
TMD-R1 • TMD-R2 • TMD-R3
KRESS milling motor 1050 FME-1 (Germany)
0.8 KW ER11 brushless Spindle motor
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